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"Orchard Street" (circa 1958)..."Family Pride" (a Peruvian couple) from the collection of Mr. & Mrs. Ronald Reagan

Victorian Still Life...I remember some of these so well. The Staffordshire china dog was in our first apartment, covered by one of our antique lace curtains.
Unfortunately, when we went to have the curtains cleaned, they were so old they disintegrated!--Janet Gari
"Sharing"... untitled

All paintings above untitled inspired by Italy

Church on Santa Monica in Beverly Hills
comment from daughter Amanda:
The church is on Santa Monica near Beverly Drive. Dad went to paint it one day, and aunt Natalie had brought him lunch.
She popped out from behind a tree and yelled "What are ya? Some kinda crazy artist?" Like a homeless person. They had great laughs!

"Autumn Siblings"..."Lovers"..."Man & Earth"..."Retrospect"..."Retirement"
"Here Comes the Bride"..."Miss Raggedy Ann"..."The Actress"..."Circus Child"..."Fore!"(circa April 1958)
untitled paintings (circa April 1958)
"Tousled Top"..."The Puppet Show"..."The Promise"(pastel)
"Hindu Dancer"..."Surf"..."The Beauty Part"..."Mums & Leaves" (all circa May 1958)

(May 1958)
rare paintings (circa August 1958)#1:"Johnny" (based on Senor Wences) #4 is Eddie Cantor in "The Kid From Spain"

rare painting (circa September 1958)
rare paintings (dates unknown) the first being his grandparents
rare paintings (dates unknown) the first being Gigi (Brian's cat 1963-1981)
"Crossing the River"..."Holiday" (circa March 1961)


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