The Roberto name.jpg Scrapbook

As Happy Jack (Jackie Hayes) in vaudeville...with June Havoc in Broadway's Sadie Thompson (1944)...Nellie Blye on Broadway (1946)

Left with Eddie Cantor and doing impressions in 1950 on The Colgate Comedy Hour

SHE DEVIL with Ed Begley Jr.(1989)...THE BOND (Off Bway)...CANDID CAMERA (1992)

with Michael Moriarty on LAW & ORDER (1990)

with Woody & Bette in SCENES FROM A MALL (1991)

in Terrence McNally's THE LAST MILE & with Chris O'Donnell in SCENT OF A WOMAN (1992)

Season Two on LAW & ORDER (1992)

From 1992 to 1995 he played Alistair the butler on ANOTHER WORLD...then he was out of work

With Meg Ryan in I.Q. (1994)


getting a kiss from Rosie O'Donnell in 1997 when he did the intro for the show & gave her one of his paintings

Then he got print ads!

In Woody Allen's film CELEBRITY, with Barbara Hershey in FROGS FOR SNAKES,
with Meg Ryan in YOU'VE GOT MAIL & a fight scene with Harvey Keitel (can you spot him?) LULU BY THE BRIDGE (all 1998)

In the film short THE ORIGINS OF WAR (1999) and then resting on the set

In the film THE BELIEVER with Ryan Gosling (2001) and getting a screen credit!
from the director/writer Henry Bean: Roberto Gari was extraordinary in the movie. He didn't play his character, he was the character.
His reality leapt off of him, affected everyone and gave the scene an authenticity nothing else could have given it...

Yes, a Hasidic Jew in the film CHANGING LANES (2002)

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